My name is Sola Abiodun. Here, you will find links to some of my projects:

Quick Countdown

This project allows users to create quick countdown with a very user-friendly user interface.

Tech spec: Mobile-optimized and developed with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. Developed a jQuery plugin for the circular draggable interface.

Social Countdown

Events/activities countdown made social and interesting

Tech spec: Over 2,600 lines of front-end jQuery code; ASP.NET MVC with Razor; MS SQL backend database. Developed a jQuery plugin for the timer. Front-end unit tested with jasmine.

Universal infrared remote control for HTC One (and some other phones)

Tech spec: Native Android app. Integration with HTC IR SDK for learning infra-red remote-control patterns from most consumer electronics remote controls.

Fancy QR code generator and scanner for Windows Phone

Free and easy-to-use stopwatch app for Windows Phone


Rediscover hand-written note-taking on the Samsung Galaxy Note

Tech spec: Native Android app.


Stream music to your iOS device on your own terms

MultiTimer (Android)

Multiple timers with widgets


Scan (any) and generate (fancy) QR codes

Complete Z-Wave wireless home automation system

Tech spec: Complete REST API for Z-Wave home and industrial automation.


Internet-cafe/game center billing solution

Tech spec: Cross-platform application developed with java swing components. This project is now open sourced and powers Internet cafes in tens of countries.


My blog/paintings

Tech spec: Life and creativity.

Contact me at with interesting project ideas.

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