Intulon Super Fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive/Memory Card/Micro SD Card Media Duplicator/Copier (1:7)

Intulon Super Fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive/Memory Card/Micro SD Card Media Duplicator/Copier (1:7)

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Item specifics

  • Color Grey
  • Targets 7

Product Description

Intulon standalone media (USB flash drive, USB hard drive, SD card, micro SD card) duplicator/copier copies a master drive to several target drives simultaneously. No PC is required for operation.

Our USB 3 media copier is the best performing in the industry with real-world speed up to 12Gb/min.
NOTE: Performance depends on the limits of the particular flash drive, SD card and the card reader used with the duplicator.

The duplicator features dedicated easy-to-use function buttons:

  • CLONE will make a bit-for-bit duplicate of the drive. The target disk must be of same size or bigger than the source disk.
  • SMART CLONE will copy only areas of the disk that are in use. This is ideal in most situations and will even duplicate bootable disks. Smart clone will be significantly faster than raw clone in most situations.
  • FORMAT will quickly format all targets to FAT32, NTFS or EXT4. Formatting step is not necessary before cloning.
  • VERIFY will compare each partition on the target with those on the source disk. A bit-by-bit comparison of the whole disk is performed if no partitions are found on the master disk.
  • GENUINITY CHECK will analyze each target and determine if they are damaged, fake i.e. reporting a higher capacity to the operating system than the actual memory chip capacity on board, or genuine.
  • ABORT button can be used to cancel operations without having to restart the device.

The USB 3 ports are compatible with an USB 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 3.1 storage device.

This device has one master and seven target ports.

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